Being an Educator or Teacher seems to be a bit of a ‘buzzword’ recently. Maybe it has been due to lockdowns and nail professionals thinking how they can develop their career or even pivot.

Donna Clayton has written a Blog for The FNP, and also Scratch, that gives LOTS of information on many different types of courses and also on qualifying as a teacher of adults.

As a quick recap:
– AET Award in Education and Training. This is the basic level and prepares the individual as it gives an insight into the roles and responsibilities along side the ability to assess and provide feedback. It is just the beginning at Level 3
– CET Certificate in Education and Training. This is a Level 4
– DET Diploma in Education and Training at Level 5

Teaching a professional skill such as Nail Services needs many different qualifications. Being a good nail professional doesn’t necessarily mean you are a good teacher and vice versa. You need to be good at everything!

What should a Brand expect of their Education Team Recruits?

– A minimum of 3 years (preferably 5 years+) working as a full time qualified nail professional
– Basic qualifications in manicure and pedicure with a very good knowledge of the theory of the subject and the health and safety and regulations of working with clients.
– A high level of skills and understanding of the system or systems you will be teaching.
– A good knowledge of the theory and chemistry of the systems (students ask the harder questions
– The ability to create lesson plans, learning plans, assessments and feedback as and when required.
– Be available for on-going student support.
– A classroom where students can be taught in a safe and appropriate environment
– Willingness to make available the minimum number of days per year as required
– Availability to attend teacher training on the Brand plus team meetings (travel and accommodation is rarely paid for when working as a self-employed educator)
– Complete required admin
– Promote their courses on their personal social media
– Be Brand loyal

All Brands have their own specific arrangements but there are some basics that should be reasonable to expect.

– An exceptional Head of Education that the Team can rely on and have confidence in.
– Brand education! Every Brand should provide specific Brand characteristics, the science behind every product, USP’s (unique selling points), ‘manufacturers instructions’, troubleshooting help. This should be ‘in person’ and with documentary support
– A good support team in their head office with regards to booking, payments and supply of kits
– Provide ‘train the trainers’ classes in how the Brand wish to position their courses and how they expect delivery.
– Provide frequent team meetings to discuss new launches, new technology
– Provide personal feedback on Educator performance.
– A financial mechanism for purchasing kits for students or products for classroom or personal use
– The ability to create a Team atmosphere that means no one is working alone or without support
– Marketing material for promotion and a ‘branded’ classroom
For someone new to a career route of education, it is a very good way of starting the journey. A good Brand will provide students by way of their own promotions so a new Educator doesn’t have to start from scratch in finding students.

Accredited courses seem to be expected these days. But, good brand education provided by a reputable brand is sufficient for insurance purposes.

This blog isn’t a message to start with a brand and then leave them!!! A good brand will provide you with all you need for a long career in education. If it doesn’t then, at least, you will have a good start in understanding what is required and have completed the requirements for being a good teacher. Remember, they are two separate skill sets!