The FNP are delighted to see that one nail Company has taken the initiative and applied to the Trading Standards for their Approved ‘Buy with confidence’ scheme

This involves a very deep dive into the Companies paperwork and safety testing plus their education offering. 

The Company is Nailchemy and they have covered all bases by also including independent testing for compliant formulas and proper curing with their lamp.

Together, this does prove that the Company is safe and customers truly can be confident in buying their products and they will be as safe as possible (NB, any nail product can produce a reaction with certain individuals or if the manufacturers instructions are not followed to the letter)

With so much information and opinions flying about this is exactly what the nail sector should be doing to give some confidence back to not only the professionals but also their clients.

We are hoping that many more suppliers will go down this route and prove that they are as safe as can be.

Independent testing is hard to find (and not an aspect that Trading Standards offer) but the best we (the FNP) can advise is to contact Jim McConnell ( who has tested products for a number of suppliers to make sure they are compliant and properly cured inter lamp or recommended lamps.

More information about the scheme can be found here:

We need to bring some confidence back to the sector and, so far, are not getting any guidance from the appropriate authority i.e. OPSS.

Nail professionals, we recommend you ask your supplier what they have not done this or, at least, had independent testing done that can give you confidence that your products are as safe as possible.

Well done Nailchemy (who are not sponsors of the FNP) but we applaud their ethics and hard work