Evolution – Adapting Your Business For Success

Evolution is probably the single most important factor for the continued success of your business. In this case I don’t mean Darwin’s theory, or finding the Missing Link (although anyone who has seen me before 6.30am and a strong coffee could probably make that claim!) I’m talking about how effectively adapting to wider circumstances can(…)

Changes to Product Regulations for 2021

We will be seeing a lot of changes in 2021 with regards to cosmetic products including nail products. This has some connection to the UK leaving the European Union but also in response to the allergies in evidence especially in the retail sector. From next year, HEMA and di-MEMA will be banned from all retail(…)

Welcome to The Federation of Nail Professionals

Welcome to The Federation of Nail Professionals! Myself and fellow founding Board Members are thrilled to see you here as, hopefully,  very valued Supporters and Members.  Our mission is to do our very best to be the ‘voice of the nail industry’; YOUR voice.  This sector of the whole professional beauty industry has long been(…)