Week six million of the lockdown and don’t know about you, but I’ve eaten my own body weight in Cathedral City (sans crackers – they just slow me down), and I’m pretty sure I now hold the world record for how many Cadbury’s chocolate fingers a human can consume in one sitting. I’m also not too sure how much Christmas gifted Shiraz I can drink without having to stand up and tell everyone my name and vices in some virtual support group for similarly lockdown fatigued, financially embarrassed homeschoolers (although I am hopeful they can explain to me what a subjective conjunctive is, please comment below – I still have no idea!) 

The point of my fridge raiding confession is that here at FNP HQ we personally understand the trauma and tedium that are the lovechildren of L3 and in that spirit, January saw us put our smart work tops back on over our PJs and monster slippers, and invite all you lovely people to join us on Zoom Rooms for some light relief. More importantly, it was an opportunity to hear from YOU. Your questions, concerns, fears, and suggestions were all welcomed and we had some great conversations. Zoom is the new normal but we understand not everyone is happy to come on camera, and that’s fine, we were just happy for you to be there with us and appreciate you taking the time to join us. I did get some fantastic questions about the FNP memberships, which I think everyone was curious about, and you can always submit your own via the online chat if you don’t want to speak live. 

A great deal of people are really struggling with L3 – even more so that the first two, and many have lost their creative mojo to Bojo in the daily briefing ether. I have noticed that many are not posting as much on their SM pages this time round, the anxiety and despondency is almost palpable. For my final room I wanted to try to rekindle the fires that make us all so passionate about our work of choice. 


We had some very special guests, and I was fortunate to have the awesome force that is Tracey Lee join me for my final Zoom! After I’d finished fan-girling (sorry Tracey) our chat centred on joining the competition arena, specifically photographic. Everyone was so enthusiastic which was really wonderful to see. Tracey is a leading figure in the comps and her inspirational sheer passion shone through.  I think everyone felt pumped again after our chat, preparing and practicing for competitions is a great way to build motivation for dusting off the nail brushes again, I think everyone took some great tips tricks, and knowhow away with them. I can’t wait to see the entries of those who take the plunge! 

We would love to initiate the Zooms again, and hope more of you will join us, not only because you are currently my ONLY reason for putting on lipstick– but because the most important voices are YOURS!  

Ciao Alex