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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of The Federation of Nail Professionals (The FNP)?

Our goal is to be the Voice of the Industry advocating for the nail industry at the highest levels whilst raising standards for all. To view our full mission statement please click the link below.

Who are The FNP?

The Federation has been formed by a group of passionate nail professionals and industry leaders, led by none other than Marian Newman! To view the bios of our Founder Members, please click the link below.

What is a Supporter of The Federation of Nail Professionals?

A supporter membership is the perfect way to remain connected to The Federation of Nail Professionals.  This membership is great for fans of nails who want to be first in line for information on behind the scenes developments and projects.

What are the benefits of being a supporter?

Hear it here first, you can access news from a factual and reliable source, while keeping up with trends and developments within the industry, both for the consumer and the professional.

How can I join The FNP as a Supporter?

You can join by clicking on the link below and completing the Supporter application form.

How much is it to join The FNP?

Supporter membership is absolutely free, to access the complete range of benefits The FNP can offer, you will need to join as a full member. Please click on the link below to see the membership pricing.

Can I upgrade to a professional membership?

Yes, of course you can.  You will need to be either studying towards a nail qualification or already working within the nail industry.  Complete the appropriate form for your level of membership and enjoy the additional benefits available to members. 

Can I pay for my membership in instalments?

Yes, membership with The FNP is affordable for all,  and if you choose you can pay your membership fees in four equal quarterly instalments. A small admin fee for spreading the payments is built into each instalment.

What benefits do I gain from joining as a full member as opposed to just a supporter?

Many! Supporter membership was intended to be just that, to support The FNP and to gain an overview of our mission, goals, and the huge number of benefits from joining as a full member. There are different benefits depending on what level you are joining us as  e.g. as a student, qualified nail professional, employer, or educator. To view our full guide to membership benefits, please clink the link below.

What is the Early Bird discount and am I eligible?

The Early bird discount of 10% applies to all members if signing up within 3 months of launch. Educators in License to Teach can also offer a 10% discount for FNP membership to their students

(not to be used in conjunction with the Early Bird discount).

What is the FNP refund policy if I decide to cancel my membership?

We are sure you will love being with us, but should you change your mind about becoming a member of The FNP, a full refund will be issued up to 14 days from the date of joining. After the 14 day period no refunds will be given.

I am currently a student and I qualify in 4 months, can I get a refund on my student membership fees when I join as a qualified member?

No, your student membership will run its course and then you can upgrade to professional membership when it is time to renew, or of course you can upgrade to a whole year of professional membership as soon as you qualify!

What Certificates do I need to provide when apply for membership?

You must upload a digital version of your HIGHEST level of professional certification on application. For educators this includes both your nail qualifications and your teaching qualifications.

What if I have not received my certificates yet?

A letter from your college or training provider on headed paper confirming that you have completed your training or qualification will be acceptable until you can provide copies of your certificates.

Which Qualifications are accepted by The FNP?

All recognised qualifications such as NVQs,  VRQs and SQVS are accepted , however other accredited certificates are also acceptable. If you are unsure please email membership@the-fnp.com

What is The FNP Code of Ethics?

Our Code of Ethics is a set of rules that all FNP members must abide by. These rules are in place to ensure that Federation members lives up to the highest standards of professional conduct. All members, by applying for any type of membership agree to abide by and uphold our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

What checks are in place to ensure that Members are following the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct?

Random audits will take place from time to time in the form of mystery shoppers, planned site visits, and requests for client testimonials. This is to ensure that all our members follow up on their agreement to abide by the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, and demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that all required standards are being met.

What is the GDPR policy?

The General Data Protection Regulation is a piece of legislation that governs how any personal data you supply to us as an organisation is held and used. Please be assured that your data is secure and will only be used with your full permission. For our full GDPR policy please click the link below.

Can I display The FNP logo on my social media pages as a Supporter Member?

No. This is a benefit that applies to full members only, and anyone displaying the logo must be able to demonstrate when called upon that they are working in accordance with The FNP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

If I am currently taking my teaching qualification, can I still apply for LTT?

Yes you can but you will need to provide proof that you are enrolled on the course and will need to upload your certificate as soon as you receive it.

Can I get involved in projects The FNP is running?

Opportunities to work alongside the Board may become available in the future and we will announce this though our platforms and all you need do is respond at the time.

Why is The Federation of Nail Professionals asking me to complete surveys or help with research projects and what happens to the information?

The Federation wants to find out as much as possible about what makes the nail industry tick and how nail professionals function in their roles and businesses.  We will occasionally perform industry research.  In most instances we will ask for information to be provided anonymously but from time to time we may ask you to take part in named research.  If this is the case, we will care securely for your data under in compliance with the GDPR regulations in place.  The data we gain from any kind of research will be used to help us make decisions on policy that we form in line with national requirements and in unison with our industry and wider authorities.