The announcement and guidance have, at last, been published. There have been some conversations with other associations in the hope that a similar message from all will make it stronger and more understandable.

· Face masks – no real change. They are strongly recommended for ‘close contact’ services

· ‘Close contact’ is what is relevant here regardless of what other sectors are doing eg shops, transport etc

· This is most relevant for face to face over an extended period of time ie more than 15mins

· The main things to remember here and what you must base your decisions on a robust risk assessment revisited for post 19th July

· Best practice. Every professional should understand ‘best practice’ for each individual service and client

· Duty of care. Every individual has a duty of care for themselves, their staff or colleagues and clients ie you must do you best to ensure everyone is a safe as possible

· Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. This does refer to salons with 5 or more employees but this, in these days of COVID and in general must apply to everyone

· The use of visors/goggles is dependent on your own risk assessment

· Good ventilation is key! If you don’t have a well-ventilated space, then consider if it is appropriate to carry out services

· Your existing hygiene protocols should remain the same

· Check with your insurer to see if they have added any caveats that you need to know about

· With no law in place for ‘close contact’ then general safety rules take precedence which are mentioned above

· If you decide clients must wear a mask, this must be clear in your RA’s as to why and they should be notified before or on booking so there are no surprises at the point of arrival

· If you decide clients do not have to wear a mask it must also be clear how every person is kept safe

· You should still have your basic COVID questionnaire as COVID will be around a long time

· Home salons and mobiles are the same as salons (remember RA’s!)

· You must abide by the Government rules on isolating whatever they are, and these are subject to change. It is your responsibility to keep up with current rules

· Don’t be scared of your clients! If you have done your ‘due diligence’ then you are doing the right thing. Just make sure they know and understand your safety measures in advance and not when they arrive for their appointment

· Discrimination is potentially an issue, but ‘safety’ takes precedence. Your safety statement and protocols will support this both for insurance and Local Authorities

If you are struggling with H&S, client safety, your safety, staff/colleague safety or how to deal with difficult clients then there are plenty of people willing to help. Either freely on social media or their specific groups on Facebook.

Our recommendations:

Sam Blake for H&S, Karl Hinder, Richard McCabe, Ryan Power or Liza Smith. All offer a wide variety of business coaching within our industry.

15/07/21 E&OE