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Welcome To Our Membership Sign-up

Quite simply, this is what Nail Professionals in the UK have been waiting for. An organisation dedicated entirely to the Nail Industry -delivered by Nail Professionals. The FNP will lead the way in ensuring that standards in nail education are raised, and amongst numerous other benefits, that you have an advocate at the highest levels, that you have the resources at hand to take the lead with your own development, and a direct line to an expert panel of Industry Leaders who can advise you on every aspect of your career.

As such, your membership will not only deliver to you real daily value, but will demonstrate your commitment to self development and elevating the industry through high standards and excellence. By joining us, we can empower you to take control your own path, and you will also be taking an active role in ensuring a successful future not only for yourself, but for all, as a collective we WILL ensure the successful future of our industry!