The FNP fully support the BBC report and here’s why.

Today has been an important day in the nail industry as a very serious issue has been brought to the fore.  While many nail techs have been aware of this situation, and sadly too many are experiencing it first hand, it is important that the consumer is aware of the potential dangers and issues around allergies to some gel products, particularly to those using home kits and cheap products.

As the voice of the nail industry, we are here to support the professional nail technician.  As part of our promise to raise standards in this growing industry of ours, it is our duty to shine a light on those who are true professionals and who have invested time, money, and energy on gaining the appropriate qualifications, who continue to develop their skills, who show a passion for their craft and care deeply for the health and wellbeing of their clients.

We are aware that the reporting today has caused some panic.  Panic that this will damage our industry and that clients will turn against gel polish for fear of allergic reactions.  However, the message has been clear and will continue to be clear in that the use of gel polish is for professional use only and that clients should always go to a professional for this service.

That professional is you. This is your chance to shine.  To show you know what you’re doing. If you are a member of THE FNP then you’ve done your training.  You are no doubt using safe brands and are following their guidance.  You have the knowledge, and if you need more, you know you can reach out to your educators to ask for more.  You have the power to show your clients that they are safe with you.

Keep an eye on our blog, and on our social channels as we will roll out more helpful information for you the professional.  And there will be information that can be shared to consumers to help them choose wisely when seeking a professional.

We are here for you.